Nichole Swanson

Client Care Manager

Nichole partners with Olson Wealth Group to deliver exceptional service to our clients by offering focused organizational and client management support. At the heart of her work, is the intention to develop creative solutions that best serve even the most complex needs of our clients.

Nichole’s resolve to uncover client solutions and deliver outstanding service comes from her drive to work collaboratively. Teamwork is a consistent thread that weaves Nichole’s personal and professional life together. Raising her children on a farm in Iowa, Nichole involves her whole family in nurturing and sustaining their many farm animals, including fainting goats, chickens, and a miniature horse. She has learned that in order to be successful, both at the farm and at work, a certain level of interdependence must exist. Each individual member of the team must rely on each other to create the best outcome. It is this interdependency that makes Nichole not only a reliable teammate at Olson Wealth Group but also results in dependable service that is delivered to our valued clients.

Clients enjoy working with Nichole because she is hardworking, and trustworthy, and makes it a priority to deliver thoughtful service to support our long-lasting relationships.

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