Inspired Life Family Office™

Olson Wealth Group’s Inspired Life Family Office™ seeks to provide you with structure and efficiency in managing your financial life. In collaboration with a team of advisors, we ensure that your family’s wealth plan is well coordinated and aligned with your family’s mission.

Designed to work with families who are looking for a way to collectively manage, sustain and grow their wealth, our family office team works with you to manage the complexities and risk that comes with obtaining family affluence. By coordinating with your professional advisors, we provide highly personalized service and manage your family’s finances with high precision and attention to detail.  We act as a personal concierge for your wealth.

A family with a well-defined mission and understanding of unified values, gives them a higher likelihood of cultivating strong family governance and enables them to manage their wealth with continuity across generations. 

Through intentional family meetings, we work with your family to articulate what is important to you.  Philanthropic objectives, socially responsible investing principals, or a values-based mandate may be uncovered to serve as the bedrock for your family’s strategic plan. Our family office then executes that plan with your guidance, resulting in impact for your local community and society at large. 

Inspired Life Family Office™ also helps your family develop and execute an investment policy statement.  This statement defines your risk tolerance and creates standards for investment decision-making. It ensures that your family’s advisors govern your investments around volatility, liquidity needs, management style and allocation, all to ensure that your family’s objectives are achieved.

By serving as your trusted advisor, we take a thoughtful and collaborative approach to coordinating the complexities of your financial life by providing the following services:

  • Investment strategy and management
  • Wealth planning
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Tax services
  • Trust management
  • Estate and philanthropic planning
  • Family governance
  • Investment policy statement development
  • Oversee executive compensation plans
  • Bill pay