Transparent Investment Strategies

Transparent Investment Strategies

Olson Wealth Group believes in open-architecture, transparent investing. We actively manage client investment portfolios, prioritizing the long term and reaching benchmarks as trend lines. Client portfolios are goal-oriented and well diversified over multiple complementary asset classes, including stocks, bonds, private placements, and social impact investments.

Risk/return analyses, Monte Carlo simulations, crash tests, and our knowledge of clients’ objectives and risk tolerances help us determine appropriate asset allocations. We strategically under- or overweight asset classes to reduce risk and offer potential growth.

Client portfolios emphasize strategic investments. However, we use our understanding of the current economic climate and regular, comprehensive investment market analysis to help clients benefit from appropriate tactical investments, too.

Olson Wealth Group advisors are bound by a fiduciary standard when providing investment advisory services, so clients get independent, research-based advice with fee-and tax-efficiency.