Taking a Deep Dive Into Transition with Olson Wealth Group

Taking a Deep Dive Into Transition with Olson Wealth Group:

We all have a vision for our life.  At OWG we encourage and inspire our clients to define their vision. Clarity brings focus to priorities and simplifies life decisions.  It may also necessitate pivotal change.  Transitions in a career, sale of a business, retirement, buying or selling a home, children or grandchildren, or other life change can cause stress. Or, life events happen to us and we are faced with managing the unexpected; receiving an inheritance, winning the lottery, or losing a business partner, or loved one.  When our clients are experiencing significant change and seeking help for a healthy transition, we introduce our specialist partner, Ruth Tongen, with think2perform for a deeper discussion around the emotional wellbeing through major transition. This discussion with Ruth Tongen, Senior VP of think2perform, highlights how clients can go through transition in a healthful way.

Are there signs that manifest when people go through transition?

Yes, as an individual, we need to listen to these signs because these emotions are probably impacting the way we make decisions.  For example, someone may respond to transition by spending money at an accelerated rate, or make a major purchase like a car or even buy a new business that is outside their life plan. Recognizing the motives behind the action can be the first step in helping clients manage transition. With guidance, we can help them stay present and aware.

For example, a client of mine loved her career and worked very hard at being a success. However, over time, became restless and unsatisfied in her life. Through conversation with me, she became watchful of her own emotions. She soon realized that with the birth of her grandchild and some health issues, her priorities had shifted and inspired a need for her to make a change.

Once we realize things are different, that things we thought were set in stone are no longer true, we may go through a period of anxiety and fear of the unknown. You think “Who am I? If this isn’t it, what am I going to do?” Rather than approaching these questions in fear or dread, we encourage and promote their free-thinking. This process can take weeks or years depending on the situation.

Is there a tipping point that usually triggers transition?

There are usually multiple factors that work in the mix. Years ago, I worked in risk management and would investigate when accidents happened or there was a substantial loss. We found that there was never one factor in an accident.  If you only recognized the most obvious factor, you never got to the bottom of the true cause.

How can business owners or executives navigate the transition towards retirement?

As a business owner, your identity can be wrapped up in your business. This can cost you financially. If you don’t have a clear plan on what you will be after you sell your business, you may drag your feet in the transaction. This can blow the entire deal.

The process of retirement should start long before you retire. Frequently, I will ask business owners to take stock of what their natural talents, passions and values are. We quantify these attributes, brain storm ideas, crystallize what might work and find new resources to explore their new phase of life.

Life is a continuation of growth and transition is a part of growth. I find that Sharon is a skilled listener which is critical to the planning process.  Whereas an advisor may see changes in behavior from a financial standpoint, I tend to recognize these things from a health standpoint. It is important to look at situations from both overt and underlying perspectives.  Together, we bring a full view into a client’s needs towards achieving their vision for their life.

Why did you choose this line of work?

While working with patients as a nurse, I was inspired to search for alternative options for healing the whole person.  I began to study Chinese medicine. I call this slow medicine, working with the body so the body does what it’s meant to do. This foundational wisdom brought me to my current position as life coach and transition specialist at think2perform.

Clients in transition may seek different kinds of specialists, each with a unique perspective, to help them navigate their change. While a therapist helps clients look at their past; as a coach, I guide them to look at emotions in the present and make a plan to move forward.

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